League of Legends World Championship Viewing Party

As a good wife does… This weekend I supported my husband as he hosted his first event, that he planned.. on his own. Now not everything went as smoothly as it could’ve gone. He did have some issues with the live feed that he was streaming from and needed to switch over to a different feed but luckily nobody missed any of the important plays.

Below is one of the shirts that were provided by Riot, the company that owns League of Legends. We had a large amount of swag and had an awesome time throwing stuff out to people. The t-shirts were a big hit and many people asked if we had any left at the end of the night. Too bad they only sent us like 11 shirts.


This was my shirt – Tainne is my summoner name on LoL, so if you see this and play don’t be shy and give me a shout – It took me an hour to play with the shapes and iron it on the back of my shirt. Although it took me longer to find printer paper that was designed for ironing onto clothing. IMG_1107.JPG

Later I will chuck up some of the pictures that I took from the event after I have edited them. Who knew that it was really hard to take good pictures in a dark cinema. I’m really shocked at how hard it was considering so many people film movies then illegally download onto the internet!

In a few hours I will be posting up about my new 30 days to an Organised House. It will be free, so check it out 😀


So blogging might not be my thing…

I’ve been struggling on what to write to you guys and I know that if I stop blogging now that I won’t return and continue this new venture. Recently not alot has been going on in my life. I’ve dropped Zeke off at school, stayed home nursing my sick husband and looking after our 3 year old Dimitri. Life is pretty relaxed.

BUT! I am planning a holiday with my husband to Melbourne, AUS, in two weeks for the annual Penny Arcade Expo. For those of you who don’t know what that is, it is a gaming convention. My husband is very invested in playing League of Legends. I actually helped him organise a viewing party for their World Championship. This involved talking to many people, and seeing how many would be interested in sponsoring the event so that we can give away prizes. Luckily Riot (League of Legends creators) have supplied us with a stash of ‘swag’ which means we will have cute stuff to give away!

Come to think of it, I’ve actually got a bit to say on how I’ve been preparing for my trip away with my husband. As you know, money is a big issue in our house. On one income it seems like any time we move on with a bill, another one comes to replace it. We’ve been budgeting hard to make sure that we had enough money for this trip, including selling our spare TV and other stuff that we haven’t used in awhile. I’ve made sure to manage our time down there as I want to go and visit some friends, visit the University about starting next summer, seeing what course they offer and of course looking at Melbourne’s world class shopping centre in Chadstone. This trip included planning a sitter for the children, planning meals while down there, planning money for knick knacks if we buy anything, making sure that we had a suitcase big enough for both of our clothes for 3 days and planning for any sudden weather changes. Lots of planning!

Planning is my life, it is what I want to do as a career! I want to become a professional planner, planning people’s lives for them and making sure that they are efficient at managing their time. Maybe even becoming a teacher, to teach others everything that I’ve been learning!