So how’s that planner coming along?

Well to answer any questions, it is almost completed. I have printed all the pages that I wanted to print and tomorrow morning I am off to Officeworks to get it printed & ready for next year! I will happily link to all the sources that I used in the creation of my planner and a few others that I found to be a good idea but didn’t fit well with my planner colour scheme.

Firstly we have The Handemade Home which I mentioned in my previous post, I used her planner pages as my main pages for weeks, and calender months. I love how she used the same colours from last year and I was able to use a couple of her ‘bonus’ pages. I’m looking towards next years planner already, she will definitely be my first stop!

I felt like I needed a few pages that summarised my financials and made sure that I stayed on track with my spending, because everyone knows that women love to spend money! I found this wonderful blog by Thirty Handmade Days and she has had her husband create wonderful free budget binder printables. I will be utilising the savings, yearly income, outstanding debts and monthly budgeting pages because they are relevant to me but she has other useful pages that might work better for you.

I fell in love with this planner printable by Miss Tiina but I was looking for a way to keep the cost to a minimal. Unfortunately this year I didn’t include her in my planner but I am hoping that next year funds will permit me to utilise her cute planner.

Some other free planner printables that I really loved were; Simple as that, Kayleigh’s Craft Creations and Clean Mama .

Pinterest has been my constant companion on the road to discovering the kind of planner that suits all my needs and will keep my life in order. With two kids, a husband, a debt and not owning our own home yet, planning will become a way of life. I anticipate that 2015 will be a tough year in terms of finances and that planning will be the only way we will keep our heads above water financially.

Til next time folks!



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