Live By Plan

Howdy Lovelies!

I’m Taylor and welcome to Live by Plan. This idea was created when I was shopping for a planner for 2015, but I couldn’t find anything that was quick & afforable and had the space that I required for my life planning. That is when I had the genius thought that I could just make one instead. Yeah, I know it sounds a little bit out dated and cliche but I had a blast tearing apart my old planner, using the rest of this years pages in it with custom made dividers and beautiful scrapbook paper. I even printed cute DIY planner months from Ashley over at The HandMade Home. I’ll post a picture of my planner in my next blog.  

This is just a quick introduction and I will write more on why I’ve chosen to blog about planning in the future. Cheers for stopping by and for giving me your time of day.